Sunday, May 28, 2006

Well I like it ;)

Recently I've *moved on up to the current decade* as my daughter tells me and acquired a cellphone, with a *cool* service provider nonetheless. Yep that's me, cutting edge. *GIGGLE*.

Anyways, one of the links on their website led me here MyTego and ultimately to this.

Now perhaps I'm overly excited by this, and easily amused :) but I think this is great. I like my cell, and particularly enjoy being able to text off it during class time (shhh) as it keeps me amused although I hope I don't get like that Sean character off Survivor that was using a rock as an imaginary Blackberry *MEEP*.

If you get any imaginary messages from me, don't answer, 'kay?

Friday, May 05, 2006

In the blink of an eye

I'm sitting here half dressed, coffee slowly percolating through my sleepy brain, waiting on the dryer that I forgot to turn on last night, and thought I'd enter the snide post I wrote yesterday at school, while I was supposed to be studying Desktop Publisher 2003.

I got it about half typed out, then got distracted watching #4 play with Dexter and Huggie (papillon and pug, 7 and nearly 10). She's teasing them to join her on the couch and when Dex, his tail creating a breeze that I can feel from the next chair, jumps in her lap she laughs and shoves him off as his main purpose for getting into your lap is to smother your face with kisses. Poor old Huggie is getting a little slower, and his snorts and grunts are getting sometimes alarmingly loud. He's trying to climb up on the couch and after a few attempts, finally gets the afghan in a pile on the floor to use as a ramp. Now she's having to fend off two flying tongues and two solid bodies clambouring all over her. Her laughter rings out and fills the room, punctuated with the sounds of pug grunts and tapping nails when they skitter onto the foyer floor.

Somehow I don't feel all that snide anymore. I think that I'll just sit here and watch her play, sip my coffee and contemplate my day.

Enough time to be snide later on.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sage Advice, maybe...

So, my horoscope for May 3rd, 2006 says:
Limits only exist where you think they exist. It's time to ask yourself the payoff for staying stuck in a certain situation. Then think about what frightens you about being able to live your dreams. Go from there.

Well now, isn't that interesting. Of course it's rather general, somewhat like a fortune cookie. I don't necessarily plan my day around my fact I find I often don't read them until a few days later. It is strange though how sometimes it seems just so right on the money.

There are changes in my life approaching, but you know what, there usually are changes just around the corner for folks, aren't there? Do I feel stuck in a situation, yes, a little bit, but I'm willing to bet that most folks do at some point of their week. Everytime the copier jams yet again at work, or the phones are acting up... or maybe the boss has a crappy day and reminds you of the old adage about shit rolling down hill, don't you feel stuck at times likes that? Don't you want to look around the corner and see the changes approaching? And don't those changes give you a little...thrill? A tightening in your stomach, a bit of regret for the good things that might change, anticipation of the new, dread of the new, grief for the old...all these emotions whirl through one at a time of change.

I guess we'll see... if this horoscope like any other that's given me pause, comes true or not.

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