Monday, July 30, 2007

Time to put away the easter bunny...

Remember how when I was ranting about how JKR shouldn't be vilified for writing her story the way she wanted to? Damn straight, and she did too. Good for her. Anyways, I promised more on belief in that post and this would be it.

I have always believed that the act of believing in something was far more important than the something actually being true. The ability to believe is a beautiful thing.

Watch any group of 3-8 year olds and if they're lucky and their parents get *it*, even older than that. They'll meet at a playground and play with abandon. For hours they'll whoop and run and tag each other, slide down the slide in more and more intricacy. Ask the the name of their new best friend however, and they'll stare at you blankly. They're busy believing that's their new best friend. It doesn't actually have to be. In fact, in large cities perhaps they won't even see that person again but for that brief moment, their belief makes it real.

Oh sure, I get the whole self delusional thing and how dangerous that can be. I'm not talking about believing you can walk off a roof and live because you have superpowers.

I mean the so called little things like looking for the good in people. Things like 'smile and people will smile back', or 'always do your best' or 'winning isn't everything'. Homilies like those and dozens others have coloured my life.

I've always believed that just around the corner... No matter what's happening now, that something good is going to happen.

I always want to believe that the people I love are really who I see them to be, not who they tell me they are or who they act like they are at times.

And I hang on to that belief with all my heart, even when faced with incontrovertible truth to the contrary.

There comes a time, however, when one must face the truth, hear the reality and start accepting people as to who or what you want or wish or need them to be. It's difficult and unfair and frankly sucks but it's still something that has to be done.

Hang on to your dreams as long as you can. Letting them go before their time is wrong ... so is holding onto them past their expiry date. Learning when to stop believing is as important as believing, probably. But damn it, I sure wish I was wrong.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will she kill off the One Who Lived?

There's a lot of speculation and a bit of nasty teasing :) about whether JK Rowling will kill off Harry in the 7th book. We'll all know within two weeks, because even those who haven't read the book will stumble across some bullshit teeshirt or website or news item that gives away the ending. Not that I'm bitter, or annoyed at that very thing happening to me twice now.

That's why my 11 year old and I will stand in line at midnight and have the damn thing read by the end of the weekend.

But that's just me.

If you read the comments on the above noted post you'll find some rather opinionated remarks about what a "bitch" JK will be for doing so. (I refuse to use the other word so deal).

This gave me pause.

I mean I get that people get attached to a character. No matter how many times I read Little Women I still cry when Beth dies. I could insert many examples of favourite books where something happens to a character that I didn't want to happen but gee, I learned a long time ago that if I want the story to go exactly how I want it to, I better write it myself. 'Cause, that was the author's choice in the story THEY WERE TELLING.

Where does it say, "write a book, make your characters breath and live beyond your story, endear them to an entire generation and thereby give up all right to their destiny in your story?" I totally and wholeheartedly understand what Ms. Rowling meant when she said she didn't want Harry to live on to be written about by other authors. The fact is, she created him. It's her story and just because so many people have embraced him and taken them into their hearts it's still not anyone's place to call her down or bitch her out or hate her or call her greedy for telling the story she's been writing, (living eating breathing) for what is it? about 10 years now? Maybe more. (Note: However with the prevalence of fanfiction, I kinda think that's happened already)

Not to mention the fact that she's repeatedly said that the ending of the book was written long before the phenomenon that is HP came about. I was somewhat saddened to hear about the reprieve she's given one of the characters. I certainly hope that was a necessary reprieve as per the dictates of how the story evolved and not as a salve to the cranky people (who, by the way, were not forced to plunk down their money or their library cards to read her books. And most of you, be honest now, most of you bought your copies at the larger book stores where they discounted it so much you couldn't pass it up, didn't you, now?) who somehow think she bloody well owes them a happy ending.

I've speculated here and there about whether the books we're now reading in their published form would have been the books she'd have written had the movies not come about.

Note...speculated, not bitched, whined or threw temper tantrums.

Do I, like so many, hope that Harry gets to live out his days in happiness, in a world without evil? Sure. I also like to believe that Elvis faked his death and went off to live on an island, probably somewhere near Hawaii instead of being hounded and pulled apart by all the people who owned pieces of him and his fans. Note, like to not do. (more on belief another day)

This article raises an interesting point. Is Harry too big to live? Could he ever live a normal life? Or is it as someone comments there, that he really will only be happy when he joins the people who loved him enough to die for him? His father and mother, Sirius and Dumbledore.

I guess we'll see.

I'm hoping that the first chapter's title is foretelling at its finest.

My hat is off to Ms Rowling for her creativity, her diligence and her willingness to share so much with those of us who could not get enough.